Sunday, 20 February 2011

The start ( The reserve )

   I love the outdoors and have spent most of my adult working life gardening or doing conservation work.
   For the last year i have been wardening at my local nature reserve in my village. The reserve is a old railway track that we are cutting back to it's natural grass chalk land.

The Track

     Next to the track is a large Field which is under stewardship by a local Farmer but is still classed as being  part of the nature reserve.

The Field this winter
The Field this Summer

The Track this winter

              My main duties as a warden is to document the wildlife that i see. I'm Lucky and get to see lots of different wildlife from birds, dears, rabbits, grass snakes, common lizards and most of all butterflies.

Grass snake's hiding
Ringlet butterfly

Common lizard

          As well as looking after the wildlife i manage the site, keeping the track clear of rubbish, and taking people on guided walks around the reserve.

       On my next Blog i will talk about my other site that i help with.